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Our Story

From a story of frustration 🤯 with a bad banking experience, came a spark, that became a rapidly emerging Australian fintech.

That spark of an idea happened in the very driven and conscientious brain 🧠 of Paypa Planes Founder and CEO Simone Joyce. Leaning into her experiences in the payments space, Simone set about laying the groundwork for her vision. A vision of better direct debits for both the payer and the businesses on the receiving end. Combine this and her foresight of how banks can use this new tool to offer a better business banking experience.

After a few discussions 💬  about what she saw as possible Simone had the award winning sales experience of Jonathan Grant in her corner along with a growing team of excellent technical and creative assets.

Mid 2018 saw Paypa Plane launch off the back of a $2.2 million 🌱 seed round and quietly went about its business validating early opinions.

2019 started big with a new space on Adelaide St in Brisbane’s CBD 🏢 and with continual exponential growth saw the early conversations of some very big partnerships. Simone took a place on the board of Fintech Australia “the voice of the Australian fintech community”.

2020 and Paypa Plane travelled to the Paris 🇫🇷 Fintech Forum where Simone pitched our product to the global fintech community and was voted “Best Pitch” 🥇 by a Jury made up of respected global Directors, MD's, CEO's and Entrepreneurs (you can watch it here). A matter of weeks later we were picked as number two in Startups to watch 👀  in QLD in 2020.🥳

Not only this but the local AFL Club we sponsored, The Mighty Kenmore Bears 🐻  won both the QFA Seniors & Reserves Premierships 🏆🏆  (whilst using Paypa Plane to collect their fees).  

Finally but definitely not least, Simone is currently Chair of Fintech Australia’s Board 🔗  a position she's held since 2020. This puts her in an excellent position to (along with her other highly established and knowledgeable Board members) advocate for the continual growth and development of Australia’s burgeoning Fintech space. 🥂


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CEO & Co-Founder - Simone Joyce
Image 1 of Simone Joyce.
Image 2 of Simone Joyce
COO & Co-Founder - Jonathan Grant
Image 1 of Jonathan Grant
Image 1 of Jonathan Grant
The Co-Founders
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