In an office in Brisbane 🇦🇺 Paypa Plane is working to revolutionise the payments landscape for banks and businesses across the globe 🌏.

Our white label solutions help banks and businesses evolve their offerings without changing existing infrastructure through simply plugging in 🔌 our product . Powered by a team of dedicated developers 💻, marketing wizards 🧙, support ninjas 🥷, and design demons 🖍👹, all lead by an industry leading CEO 💼 and you’ve got one artfully crafted Paypa Plane 🗞✈.

Simone Joyce - Managing Director

Simone Joyce


When Simone isn’t giving presentations on the future of Australian banking, mentoring young businesses or travelling on behalf of Fintech Australia you might find her planting yet more nasturtiums.

Simone is passionate about the banking industry in the same way a good chef is about quality ingredients. If she could find free range, humanely sourced batch files she most definitely would.

It’s this kind of passion that sees Simone finding opportunity for innovation and her ability to execute this innovation is what has led to her opinion being sought by more and more in the industry.

Jono Facts
Grant Benvenuti

Grant Benvenuti


A Payments code base has been Grant's home playing field for over a decade. To say Grant's understanding of transactional banking is strong is akin to saying Sharknado is an alright film. Both grossly incorrect and misleading statements.

As at home with complex backend work as he is at implementing complicated frontend UI, Grant's skillset is clearly in the Jedi or Lebron zone.    

If you are a recruiter please direct your emails to

Jono Facts
Simone Facts
Jonathan Grant - Business Development Director

Jonathan Grant


The inspiration for the movie ‘Baby Driver’ (not a fact) Jonathan found early success driving race cars before transitioning even more successfully into the luxury car market.  

Previously the guy to see for Audi’s, Lamborghini’s and Maseratis he’s now the guy to see to talk recurring payments.

From your subscription Lobster Sock business, to payments for huge Commercial Real Estate Leases, to Segway rentals for Deliveroo riders. There’s few payments scenarios Jono can’t find the perfect solution for.

Grant Facts
Jonathan Grant - Business Development Director

Dave Walker


A long time, big product player Dave brings a wealth of knowledge and average jokes to the team. Dave joined Paypa Plane in 2021 after honing his skillset in large product roles establishing himself as a credible bridge between the wants of business, the needs of customers, the shouting of designers and the mumblings of developers.

On his weekends you may find him having his dermis coloured with bright pigments in both ridiculous and delightful shapes, spending time with the first of his 7 beautiful children or offering poor attempts at Farsi compliments to his Persian wife.

Dave's passion for all things payments and banking, start-ups, scale ups and capital raising has seen his stocks rise and quickly take the position of Chief Operating Officer at Paypa Plane.

Without these 4️⃣ leading the charge Paypa Plane 🗞️✈️ wouldn’t be the company it is today and the future of Australian 🇦🇺 Payments 💸.  

But it takes more than this bunch of highly skilled individuals. Behind the scenes there’s the work engine ⚙️, the grinders, the unsung heroes & heroines 🦸 …maybe a bit far. But we can’t forget these great humans 🏆.



With a penchant for dimly lit spaces coloured only by multiple 4k monitors and CMYK mechanical Cherry Brown keyboards these code jockeys will be found endlessly pushing, pulling and forking 🚳.  



We have to keep these guys on a leash otherwise you’d buy everything. They listen but they also know that often there is no better option than the Plane. They can be calmed with treats 🌯.



Not actually a panda in a phone box. If you have the rare need to call support as a business you’ll be speaking to one of these folk. Feel free to ask them some curly ones, they live for it 😉.



Actual castle 🏰dwelling wizards with mystical powers. This bunch brew social posts in cauldrons and other poorly clichèd ghastly acts. If you’ve got some spare time, ask our marketers about recent algorithm changes.



Enjoying the heck out of pixels on a daily basis and always referring back to design college 🖍️, these unusual folk think white space is a religion…even if it’s not actually white. Don’t mess with their padding, it took them hours to perfect it.