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Payment Agreements

What is Pearl?

Introducing Pearl, a comprehensive payment product that provides banks and enterprises with seamless access to Paypa Plane's complete payment agreement suite through an API. With Pearl, you can enhance your existing infrastructure and unlock the power of Smart Payment Agreements™ using DE, PayTo, BPAY and credit/debit card payments in one place.

Use Pearl to drive revenue growth, accelerate payment processing, and embrace unparalleled flexibility.

Pearl is a PAaaS product

Create, manage & execute
Smart Payment Agreements™️

Payment Agreement as a Service (PAaaS) is a service model offered by Paypa Plane that enables enterprises and banks to effortlessly create, manage, and execute Smart Payment Agreements™ with their customers utilising Paypa Plane's robust infrastructure.

API based
Recurring payments

This includes recurring payments, instalment plans, and other customized payment arrangements. All of this is achieved through an API without requiring any change to your current infrastructure, or for your staff or customers.

What are the
of Pearl

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Payment Agreement Functions

By utilizing Paypa Plane's Pearl product, banks and enterprises can easily activate all PayTo initiation functions. By leveraging Pearl, banks and enterprises can unlock the full potential of PayTo. Empowering businesses and merchants with the ability to offer enhanced payment options and deliver a seamless payment experience to their customers.

Access Smart Payment Agreements™️

Our exclusive Smart Payment Agreements™ serve as our unique solutions for overseeing consent-to-pay and initiating payments. These orchestrate ongoing, recurring, bill or one-off payments across multiple methods of payment, currencies, and payment gateways. By integrating automated customer care into the payment process, Smart Payment Agreements™ ensure increased transaction success rates for your clients, going beyond mere transaction management.

Access a Suite of Payment Methods

The Pearl payment suite offers comprehensive access to a wide range of payment methods. Paypa Plane continually develops and updates its suite of payment methods to accommodate emerging options and maintain access to existing ones. As a Paypa Plane client, you have the option to easily opt in or out of specific payment methods based on your banking or business needs.


The Pearl API can be offered to your clients as your own. This presents an excellent opportunity to enable PayTo and other payment options for your business banking or enterprise clients. By using Pearl, you can generate fees for usage and establish a consistent revenue stream.

Reduce Chargebacks

Smart Payment Agreements require explicit consent from the payer via our secure portal or their banking app before a payment is initiated. Paypa Plane creates a consent log which helps to reduce the window of opportunity for the payer to dispute a valid payment, for fraudulent activities or for the payer to raise friendly fraud disputes.

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Security and compliance

At Paypa Plane, we place the utmost importance on security. Our mission is to empower commercial, business, and institutional banks in developing robust payment strategies that foster lasting connections with their clients.

Paypa Plane is both SOC2 compliant and ISO 27001 Certified. We implement state-of-the-art encryption protocols and employ experienced cybersecurity experts who continuously monitor and update our systems. By safeguarding sensitive financial information and data, we instil confidence and trust in our clients, enabling them to navigate the digital landscape with assurance and build long-lasting customer relationships.

To read more about our commitment to security and compliance, visit our dedicated webpage.

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The Paypa Plane team is ready to support your seamless transition towards ISO20022 messaging standards and prepare banks and enterprises for real-time payments.  Contact us and get started.
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Why Pearl?

Each of our products pay homage to aviation with their unique names. Our PAaaS product was named after Pearl Young, an extraordinary individual who played a significant role at NASA. Pearl Young was the first technical staff member hired at NASA, and her contributions paved the way for professional women at the Langley Research Center.

During her time at NASA, Pearl Young identified a need for improvement in technical writing skills among inexperienced, young engineers at Langley. As a result, she was appointed as the first Chief Technical Editor, taking on the responsibility of developing a system to review and approve technical documents that effectively communicated Langley's remarkable technical achievements.

Pearl Young's pioneering spirit, trailblazing efforts, and unwavering dedication made her an inspiration to women in STEM fields. Her legacy serves as a reminder of the significant contributions women have made and continue to make in the pursuit of scientific progress and innovation.

Image of Pearl Young and the Pearl L. Young Theater