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Early Growth / Owner Operators

"Whether you have dreams of your business one day being a multinational or love the idea of a small sustainable side-hussle. We get it.

We know that one thing you’re not dreaming of spending your valuable time on is chasing payments.

From sending an SMS Payment Request to capturing payer consent (no more paperwork!) and payment compliance all the way through to automated failed payment management... Leave it to Paypa Plane.


Small to Medium Business

Doing payment admin, handling payment related customer support, chasing failed payments (not to mention worrying about payment compliance) is not a great way to spend your time.

We understand that your time is valuable... and time spent handling payment compliance and chasing payments is wasted. So, we built a better system.

The unique, fully digital process, in-built customer tools and automation of Paypa Plane work for you... and improve your customer experience at the same time.

Large Business

Large Business

We understand the endless search for increased productivity, greater efficiency and happier customers.

Paypa Plane will help provide your customers with a brilliant payment experience and significantly improve your accounts receivable admin at the same time.

Existing merchant facilities, specialised integrations and database migration are no problem.  We can even white-label a tailored solution for you that will continue to benefit from our ongoing search for payment process perfection.


Banking & Enterprise

Keeping core payment, reconciliation and accounting systems up to date in the face of shifting payment ecosystems, changing consumer expectations around transparency and self-management and evolving regulatory requirements is a tough call.

Transitioning your underlaying payment rails can be expensive and time consuming (and a huge headache for your CTO/CIO). So, Paypa Plane floats in your technical stack - over the top of and plugged into your existng systems, and keeps you agile and up-to-date. We bundle all of the automation, in-built compliance, consumer service and business tools into a white-label solution ready to solve your payment problems now and prevent them occuring in the future.

You get to stay competitive, compliant and a customer favourite.

We are Paypa Plane
And we’re all about brilliant payments.
  • Receive more successful payments, more often.
  • Offer your clients a better payment experience.
  • Do less admin.
  • Do more....well....anything you want....
See how you land new business, instead of chasing missed payments with Paypa Plane.

Paypa Plane is Recurring Payments

We are for lifting your payments experience and admin efficiency beyond the ordinary so that you can take your business to the next level.

We are for stronger customer relationships, improved cash-flow and reduced fees. We are for transparency, compliance, security and trust.  

Paypa Plane provides the payment experience that you and your customers deserve.

Paypa Plane is for Better Subscription Payments

Payment Flexibility means success

Together we create the ability for your customers to self-manage their payments around the limits you set. With flexibility aimed at generating more successful payments for you, your customers can;

  • change payment methods (credit card to bank account)
  • move a payment by the amount you allow
  • swap their ongoing days to match their pay cycle
  • they can even 'pay now' in advance!

These functions are important, impactful (to your cash-flow and customer service) and unique to Paypa Plane.

We've got you

We have so many ways to make sure you don’t have to worry about payment compliance or chasing cash-flow... and your customers don’t have to worry about stacking on late fees - keeping everyone happy.

From our Grace PeriodTM (24hrs for your customer to make-up a failed payment and save on fees), our cash-flow dashboard and predictor - even our in-built Recovery functions (there to help you collect overdues without pain or upset) are all built to solve your specific problems and take care of customers at the same time (we love a win-win!)

Setting up with Paypa Plane

10 minutes

Sign Up

One time only, you supply some info about your business so we can ensure we are able to service you as a Paypa Plane client.

You can do that here
Account Setup

This is all us, we add you to our system (porting existing customers across where required). Give you your dashboard access so you can get down to receiving more successful payments.

24 hours

Send Agreement Requests

New and existing customers alike get a text message and, or an email to complete their two factor secured, digital agreement.

6 minutes

Enjoy the Automation

Our system is designed to minise the amount of human input in recovering payments by allowing the payer maximum reasonable flexability in their payments.

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  • Suncorp Bank
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Quotation Marks

Car Rental Company

‘My staff no longer have to chase failed payments... its incredible. Our customer’s are more comfortable and happier with their payment experience too!’

Boxing Gym

Paypa Plane actually has my businesses best interests in mind... On time payments and happier members. It's a massive improvement from the old payment facilitator we were using.

AFL Club

Using Paypa Plane at our Football Club has made a massive difference to our club, for the first time in 10 years we've been able to cover our AFLQ fees and the whole culture around paying fees has changed.

Numbers worth seeing
80% automated success
80% business customer time saving
99% success rate

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