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Paypa Plane is leading the global payment infrastructure revolution for financial institutions and enterprises.

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Accelerate Payments in Real-Time

With Smart Payment Agreements

The world’s leading banks and enterprises choose Paypa Plane to drive new payments strategies and revolutionize how they process their payments.

With one central place to access and collect all methods of payment via our Smart Payments Agreements™, we build for today and prepare you for the future.

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How Smart Payment Agreements™️ Power the Future of Payments

Reduction in Chargebacks

In-built user consent capture and maintenance means lower admin costs and reduction in chargebacks and fraud. 

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Bank Grade Resilience

Our systems are securely designed and built to align to the highest standards of resilience, reliability and recoverability. 

Powerful Metadata

Metadata is created, captured and logged to bring context and insights to every transaction.

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Insight Driven Reporting

Reports designed to garner insight and intelligence from data that's priceless to modern business and banking.

Payment Method Agnostic

All legacy and emerging payment channels can be uplifted and protected through Smart Payment Agreement™ standards.

Insurance companies
business banks
utility providers
Telecommunication companies
Non-bank lenders
professional services
Finance companies
wealth advisory
training organisations
education providers
asset rental
property management
asset financiers
sporting bodies

Intelligent Protocols, for Powerful Agreements

How a Smart Payment Agreement™️ works

Major changes are underway in global financial services with a need to extract more from legacy systems, while preparing for the future of payments.

That’s why we position banks and enterprise to become the prime financial services partner for their clients by building the technology to reduce friction and costs and deliver secure and compliant payments. 

  • Business sends a Smart Payment Request™️ to their Payer.
  • Their Payer reviews this request(wherever they might be - online, on their device, in-store) and steps through a guided consent flow.

A business - through their financial institution or payment service provider - creates the structure of the Smart Payment Agreement™. This will include all the parameters of the payment agreement - including descriptions, frequency, amounts, number of payment and more. Smart Payment Agreements are inherently flexible to work with any type of payment structure between a payer and a payee.

This is then sent to the payer through a channel that makes sense to the business - it could be email, sms, via a website, a QR code or bespoke messaging channel.

A time-stamped event log specifically about this Smart Payment Agreement™ has now begun!

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Consent Capture and Authentication

  • Payer assigns their preferred method of payment and provides final consent accordingly.
  • A Smart Payment Agreement™ is created, an Agreement ID is generated and an event log has begun against it.

The payer confirms and verifies that they are the intended recipient of the Smart Payment Agreement™️ and, through confirms that the Smart Payment Agreement™️ parameters are correct.

The payer then assigns their payment method of choice to be the active payment method for the agreement - this could be any type of payment that the business can accept through their financial institution or payment provider. The payer can change their active payment method at anytime and switch to a different one without disruption to the agreement.

The payer provides their final consent according to the required consent for their payment method. All of this is logged in the Smart Payment Agreement™️ event log and a unique Agreement ID is assigned to the Smart Payment Agreement™️.

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  • Upon the agreed schedule (it could be immediately), a Payment Initiation Event is created, checked against the Agreement ID and a range of other factors.
  • If all checks out, an initiation instruction is sent to the payment channel (according to the method of payment assigned to the agreement).

Upon the agreed schedule (it could be immediately), a Payment Initiation Event is created. Before being sent to process, the payment is checked against the Agreement ID to ensure that there is current and active consent, and that the transaction falls within the agreement parameters. No transaction will occur if either of these things are false.

These events are also logged.

Payment timeline

Ongoing Management

  • The Smart Payment Agreement™ performs automatic management tasks for both the Payer and the Business to create greater opportunities for success.
  • All activities on the agreement are logged as events which can be recalled at anytime by either party (and also, when required by you, the business’s financial institution).

The Smart Payment Agreement™️ gives both business and payer the ability to view and make updates to the agreement in real time. All activities on the agreement are logged as events which can be recalled at any time by either party (and also, when required by you, the business’s financial institution).

This significantly increases the chances of successful payments, saving time and money and providing a better experience for you and your customers.

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Procurement and bank compliance-friendly

SOC 2 Type 2 Certified

We place utmost importance on cybersecurity and compliance. We proudly uphold SOC2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certifications, demonstrating our dedication to maintaining robust security measures. For further information regarding our commitment to security, please visit our dedicated security page.

ISO 27001 Accreditation
Soc2 Type 2 Cert.

(yes trillion) is the expected value of the booming US Subscription economy by 2025

- Mastercard

of B2C businesses projected to offer subscriptions by the end of the year

- Gartner

will be the Global value of B2B payments by 2027

- Juniper

Why global leaders choose Paypa Plane

Paypa Plane is changing the way that organizations think about extracting value from their payments infrastructure. We allow them to innovate faster and focus on their core business.

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“Our partnership with Paypa Plane will help us to innovate faster and better respond to our customers’ needs. We’re looking forward to working together to deliver an exceptional payment experience for businesses and consumers.”

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We’ve listened while we’ve been serving fortune 500 companies. Here’s what they worry about in the beginning:

My financial institution’s legacy systems make creating and launching new products expensive, hard and really slow:
My digital payment channels are internally siloed - between ACH, Card, RTP & FedNow
Compliance and security are big concerns for my financial institution and my business customers
Ongoing and subscription payments come with high dispute and chargeback costs.
There are so many competing priorities at my financial institution and for my team.

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