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Unlock the Commercial Potential of Your Payments

Commercialize real-time payments alongside legacy and card payment infrastructure.

At Paypa Plane, we help banks create prime and enduring relationships with their business banking customers - moving banks beyond deposits and into the heart of what their customers need to thrive in an ever-changing payments landscape.

Offer your business, commercial and enterprise clients one place to access and collect all methods of payment through our Smart Payments Agreements™ and Payment Agreements as a Service (PAaaS) APIs.

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Payment smarts

Smart Payment Agreements™️

Smart Payment Agreements™ are our proprietary tools that manage consent-to-pay and payment initiation. These orchestrate ongoing, recurring, bill or one-off payments across multiple methods of payment, currencies, and payment gateways. A Smart Payment Agreement™ manages not just transactions but also automates payment-based customer care – meaning more successful transactions for your business, commercial and enterprise clients. 
Smart Payment Agreements™ automatically engage the appropriate method of payment in response to the payer’s preferences. This allows banks to offer a single API or dashboard experience for their business and enterprise clients – reducing their workload and eliminating manual intervention.
A single access point for all methods of payment simplifies settlement, payer management, reconciliation and integration with other business operating systems such as loyalty, CRMs, logistics and inventory management.

Event-driven upgrade

SaaS Built for Banks, designed for their clients 

Paypa Plane is a bank and enterprise-grade SaaS platform.

We run on events-based, events-driven architecture - delivered to our banking clients via our rich APIs or white-label platform – ready for banks to offer to their clients as if it was their very own product suite. Paypa Plane instantly upgrades a bank’s existing payment capabilities by plugging them into our Smart Payment Agreement™️ system.

Legacy systems can sit alongside new real-time payments as well as card gateways - this brings the benefit of a competitive, digital-first strategy to inline across all a bank’s available methods of payment.

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Payments enhanced

Optimize for Revenue

Paypa Plane sits over the top of our clients’ existing payment infrastructure – whether that is real-time-account to account, card gateways, legacy and traditional bank account-to-account, bill payment or peer-to-peer. Paypa Plane helps banks to realise their payment-focused commercial, competitive and strategic goals. We help banks access and grow revenue channels faster with less cost.

We help banks increase the value of their relationships with their commercial, business and enterprise clients and offer digital-first, market-leading products directly on top of their existing payment infrastructure.

We position business banks to be competitive in a rapidly evolving payment landscape.


Paypa Plane is changing the way banks think about extracting value from their payment infrastructure. With proprietary technology designed to help their business clients get paid on time more often with less effort via any method of payment, we position our banking clients to be highly competitive and successful in a rapidly evolving payment landscape. We are experts in the impact that the introduction of real-time payment rails, competition for card processing volume and the increasing need for intelligent, responsive digital payment experiences can have on banks and their clients.

Paypa Plane underpins competitive and proactive payment products to help banks take advantage of the changing landscape and take their revenue-generating payment strategy to market rapidly, securely and scalably.

How It Works

Revolutionizing Payment Technology

Paypa Plane bridges the relationships between institutional banks and businesses. The world of payments is a complex ecosystem but Paypa Plane's clever technology and experienced team can simplify the process and help you grow in the space.

SOC 2 Type 2 Certified

Procurement and bank compliance-friendly

Information and Cyber Security and Compliance are critically important to us.

We maintain both SOC2 Type 2 and ISO27001 certifications. Read further through our security and compliance handbook.

How It Works

Revolutionizing Payment Technology

Paypa Plane can help banks protect and grow client relationships by leveraging our propriety Smart Payment Agreements™.

Our technology gathers the different methods of payments available for business banking clients (and we streamline your adoption of new ones, such as real-time payments). We plug them into our system, which then serves them up via one single API service or via a dashboard with a rich UI – which you can then offer to clients as a bank’s own.

Banking clients then create and send Smart Payment Agreements™ to their payers. Built on event-driven, event-sourced architecture, businesses and payers can manage the agreement as needed. Smart Payment Agreements™ create a bridge between all methods of payment you offer – unburdening you and your client.

Paypa Plane allows banks to offer future fit payment products today, unlocking the value in existing infrastructure.

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Advancing payment solutions

We help banks create prime and enduring relationships with their business banking customers - moving banks beyond deposits and into the heart of what their customers need to thrive in an ever-changing payments landscape.

Banks leverage Paypa Plane to offer their business, commercial and institutional clients tools that help them protect their cash flow and collect on-time payments -regardless of the method of payment.

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