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Simpler payments for you
& your customers.


  • We like to be transparent in all that we do, so, please use the prices below as a guide to give you an idea about how our prices can look. Businesses can elect to pass on some fees to their customers and every business is different, so prices can change a little according to circumstances. It's important to contact us for the correct fee structure for your business.
A one-off business account establishment fee
A monthly software access fee
We never charge for customer accounts to be created or managed
Should a customer's payments be declined, they're given a 24hr Grace PeriodTM to make up the missed payment before the 'late payment fee' applies.
This fee applies when a customer changes the scheduled transaction date of a pre-arranged payment. This may occur before a payment is scheduled to occur using Paypa Plane's tools for payment management, or after if their transaction has been declined. This fee will apply in addition to late fees that a declined payment will incur.
If a transaction is declined by the payer's (a customer's) bank, either for a direct entry or credit/debit card transaction, this fee will apply. This fee applies for every declined transaction - including any scheduled retries of previously declined transactions. This fee is included in the Grace PeriodTM fee.
If a customer has missed a payment (usually because of declined payments) and failed to make up this missed payment with the allocated Grace PeriodTM, they will be charged this fee. This fee will be added to the next payment your customer makes.
The fee charged for each transaction processed. This charge is paid by either the business or the customer, never both.
Credit/Debit card surcharge. This charge is paid by either the business or the customer, never both.
Credit card surcharge. This charge is paid by either the business or the customer, never both.
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Using Paypa Plane at Moorooka has made a massive difference to our club, for the first time in 10 years we've been able to cover our AFLQ fees and the whole culture around paying fees has changed.
Moorooka AFC
I’m not that digital but found using the app to setup my payment easy and it looks pretty nice too.”
Sam - App user
Paypa Plane actually has my businesses best interests in mind... On time payments and happier members. It's a massive improvement from the old payment facilitator we were using.
‘My staff no longer have to chase failed payments... its incredible. Our customer’s are more comfortable and happier with their payment experience too!’
Rideshare Solutions
Paypa Plane has totally change the way I run my business. I never need to worry about my customer’s payments and I know that they are being taken care of too.
JM Fitness

Want to talk about specific pricing for your business?