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We make payments easier

Paypa Plane is all about payment brilliance

We are for lifting your subscription, recurring or direct debit payments beyond the ordinary so that you can take your business to the next level. We are for customer relationships, cash-flow and reduced fees. We are for transparency, compliance, security and trust. We are for you - Paypa Plane is the payment experience that your customers deserve.

So, in short... yes, it’s us you’re looking for.

What is it we do?

Chasing payments can be time-consuming and complicated, so we’ve built a system that is easier to use, more efficient to manage and cuts down on the risk of missing a payment. We’re not just bluffing either, Paypa Plane has seen over 99% of payments made within 72 hours of their due date.

From small, owner-operated businesses to large brands that operate internationally, Paypa Plane gives businesses the tools to forge stronger customer relationships while cutting down on your administrative headaches at the same time. It’s the payment experience that not just you, but also your customers, deserve.


We’re a different kind of payment system


We care about your customers as much as you do.

Your customers can visit their Paypa Plane account at any time to check payments or update their details.

If your customer wishes to upgrade or downgrade their membership, any changes you make are reflected in the customer account for them to see. This keeps everyone up to date and in the loop, which means happier, more connected customers.

Importantly, this also rescues your business from the ongoing admin that usually comes with having to manage your customers accounts for them.


Missed Payments? Not on our watch.

We know that cash flow is what keeps businesses alive. We have a whole range of features carefully designed to keep yours on track.

We go all-in with self-management tools for your customers in their own Paypa Plane accounts - from payment method updates, full-view payment schedules and history, payment day changes and reminders - its all there to keep your customers happy to prevent failed payments before they happen!

Think we’d be a good fit for your business? Give us a shout!


Safe & Secure, always.

We offer a unique Payment Request and Agreement process - delivered straight to your customer’s phone or email. All you need to do is create your payment arrangement and send it to your customer as a Payment Request. We’ll take care of all the paperwork, forms and PCI DSS (to keep credit card details safe), while your customer sets up their payments to you.

You never need to see, touch or store your customer's payment details. No more paper forms, or even digital forms, at all... we can even deliver your contract to your customer digitally as well!

We're for less work, less worry, stronger compliance and more team high-fives for your business!


Automation that works so you don’t have to.

We love automation - it saves you time, it saves us time and it keeps your customers feeling loved.

We have automated message flows and system processes built-in to take the sting out of payment related admin tasks - from customer on-boarding, follow-ups, failed payments, account updates and change management... we can even automate the usually daunting task of database migration.

Automation makes every day that little bit easier.

Learn more about how we can save you and your customers money.