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Payments Solved CEO Nilixa Devlukia (🎙️)

The beating heart of Paypa Plane and shares her passion as a Payments Evangelist.

Nov 26, 2019

Join us as Simone Joyce interviews notable guests in the Australian FinTech industry.

For this week, she interviews Nilixa Devluka, the CEO and Founder of Payment Solved in the UK.

Take a look at the talking points from today’s episode:

How did you get involved in this space? (00:47)

Who else are your clients at Payment Solved? (03:38)

Is strong customer authentication a failure at this stage? (04:46)

Do you think that SCA is starting a movement to push stronger and more robust authentication to prevent fraud that will trickle down to other ecosystems? (07:40)

What are you excited about in 2020? (09:03)

Is there anything that you’re a little worried about? (12:54)

What are the main benefits of coming to Intersekt? (13:58)

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