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Paypa Plane Sets Sights On USA

The beating heart of Paypa Plane and shares her passion as a Payments Evangelist.

Feb 13, 2024
Humble Brags

As the adoption of Real-Time Payments gains momentum in the United States, Paypa Plane stands prepared to assist banking and enterprise clients in their transition. We are thrilled to announce that to provide dedicated support to our US clients and accommodate our expanding presence, Co-Founder and CEO Simone Joyce will be relocating to New York with her family.

“With the introduction of FedNow, there hasn’t been a better time for institutional banks and enterprises in America to partner with a fintech to support the transition to faster real-time payments,” said Joyce. 

In March this year, Paypa Plane raised $10 million (USD) in a Series A round to continue the growth of the company. Investors from the recent funding round included and Queensland Investment Corp with Australia’s largest bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia already securing a 20% stake in the company. 

As Real-Time Payments and FedNow services gain momentum, it becomes crucial for the United States to match the pace of rapid global payments. To facilitate the transition to these payment rails, banks and enterprises require a reliable fintech partner.

Paypa Plane employs its proprietary Smart Payment Agreements™ technology, which handles consent-to-pay and payment initiation processes. This innovative tool greatly facilitates the implementation of PayTo in Australia and will facilitate FedNow and Real-Time Payments in the US.  

The Paypa Plane technology gathers various payment methods available to business banking and enterprise clients, simplifying the integration of new options like Real-Time Payments. Paypa Plane seamlessly integrates these methods into its system and provides them through a unified API service, allowing banks and enterprises to offer them as their own to their clients.

Simone will move to the US with her husband, Damian- Paypa Plane’s Creative Lead, her four children and importantly, her dog. The rest of the team will still operate in Paypa Plane’s head office in Brisbane, Queensland with Simone becoming the Global CEO.