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Paypa Plane Set To Super Charge Parental Leave For All Parents

The beating heart of Paypa Plane and shares her passion as a Payments Evangelist.

Dec 4, 2023
Humble Brags

Paypa Plane has made a commitment to team members to increase paid parental leave for both parents to 12 weeks, giving both parents equal access to paid parental leave in a bid to increase equality.

This policy removes the traditional concept of 'primary and secondary parents' and allows both parents to leave flexibly, in a continuous period, two distinct periods or part-time.

“As a mother of 4 children and a founder and CEO, one of the best things that I personally think we can do as a company to support equality in the workplace is to start with our parental leave policy. By supporting both parents equally, we can create a positive impact for our team and open more choices for them and their partners,” said Simone Joyce, founder and CEO of Paypa Plane.

While there are other companies offering extensive leave policies and benefits, most focus on the benefits for the primary carer. Paypa Plane has made a commitment to support parents equally through these leave policies.

The policy allows either parent to take this leave flexibly, as a continuous period, two distinct periods or part-time. Critically, parents will also receive super contributions for the duration of the paid parental leave.

“Inclusion is at the core of our values at Paypa Plane, this leave allows parents to share parenting responsibilities outside of traditional framework,” says Brigitte, Head of People and Culture.

Damian Joyce, Simone’s husband and Creative Lead at Paypa Plane, took on the primary carer role for their youngest daughter in 2020.

“I think it’s important to normalise sharing these responsibilities. I loved taking time away from work to care for our youngest, and it was amazing to see Simone grow the company significantly during this period,” says Damian Joyce.

Becoming a parent is an exciting time, but often it can cause financial stress and big lifestyle changes. Paypa Plane hopes these policy changes will help ease the burden on parents and support not just Paypa Plane staff, but their partners too.