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RBA Supports Target 2030 End-of-Life for BECS

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Feb 13, 2024
Fintech News

Australia's Payment Network, AusPayNet, has officially set 2030 as the target for Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) end-of-life. As the financial backbone for processing high volumes of low-value transactions like direct debits and credits, BECS has been a staple in Australian businesses and the economy. However, a new era is dawning with the introduction of real-time payments across the NPP and PayTo, and Paypa Plane is leading the transition.

Announced Tuesday 12th December in Sydney at the AusPayNet Summit by RBA Governor, Michele Bullock said, “The limitations of BECS are becoming more significant as users expect fast payments and the economy becomes increasingly digitised. But there are some significant challenges that will need to be overcome for the industry to successfully transition all BECS payments to more modern payment systems”.

When it comes to direct debits (which happen when a business ‘pulls’ a payment from a payer’s bank account after the payer has provided their bank details), PayTo represents a significant technological leap, aligning with the growing business and consumer demand for instant payment solutions. PayTo allows businesses to execute real-time, direct debit transactions from their customer's bank accounts, ensuring efficiency, security, and satisfaction for consumers.

Of course for direct credits (which happen when a business or a consumer creates a payment from their own bank account and ‘pushes’ money to the bank account of the person or business they are paying), the transition will happen over to the NPP real-time payment rails. Whilst this might already be happening by default for many singular transactions, the batch-files that are widely used to create payroll, multiple payments, disbursements, government payments and other bulk transfers will all need to be moved across to the real-time rails. This will mean that the businesses that make these type of payments will need to be able to ‘de-batch’ their payment instructions and convert them to individual, real-time payment messages.

As 2030 approaches, a gradual shift from BECS to PayTo and the NPP is expected to accelerate and businesses (and banks) are advised to start preparing now for this transition. Paypa Plane stands ready to assist businesses and banks of all sizes in adopting PayTo and moving across to NPP, ensuring a seamless and incremental switch.

“With our expertise in payment solutions, Paypa Plane is committed to enhancing the payment experiences for Australian businesses, banks and their customers. We’ve built our payments products with every Australian payment user in mind. Regardless of your business or bank size, we are here to support a seamless transition to real-time payments,” says founder of Paypa Plane, Simone Joyce.

Banks and businesses are encouraged to adapt their payment strategies to incorporate NPP and PayTo proactively, and in the not-too-distant future, businesses will not have a choice as consumer expectation grows. Paypa Plane is at the forefront, offering comprehensive support for banks and businesses of all sizes during this transition.