Iā€™m a business
Iā€™m a payments customer


šŸ¤³ Will I have to continue calling my customers?

Great question!
Although speaking to your customers is something you may like doing, chasing them for money is probably not something you enjoy. The smart automation of our product is aimed at minimising the amount of admin you do.

Fees make my customers angry šŸ˜”. Can they pay less?

Hmmm, not as good as your first question but still very good. I'll answer this in two parts
1. Most fees you can opt to cover for your customers (or pass on in full).
b. As with most things in life, good communication is key. Our payments system keeps your customers on top of their required payments making sure you don't need to chase them but more importantly for this question. It means they pay less fees!

Is an "In-Care" šŸ¤• status a good thing or a bad thing?

There you are, back to your question asking best!

When you're Logged in and viewing your Dashboard where you can view the statuses of every single customers payments you will notice that some are In-Care. This is actually a great thing. Where other products will let your customers enter a cycle of late fees, phone calls and frustration, Paypa Planes system intelligently enters a cycle of attempting to resolve the missed payment via communication and clever automation.

What do you mean I won't need to file documents anymore? šŸ“Ž

An entirely digital process means an end to manilla folders.....I know right!

From the start you are sending digital payment agreements that your customers can securely access and legally agree to. Any changes, updates or modifications to that are tracked and visible to you in the customers account screen in your dashboard.

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How do I know when my next payment is due to process? šŸ¤”

Don't sweat it, you can easily check this.

  • Simply open your web browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc.) and enter www.client.paypaplane.com.
  • ā€Enter your four digit pin (you made this yourself when you first signed agreed)
  • Scroll to the 'Next Payment' to view the date.

How did a Grace Period šŸ¦ø just save me money?

Yep, yes it did. Instead of sending you straight into late fees and phone calls we first allow customers the opportunity to get back on track and make that payment. Generally Grace Periods are a 24hour block beginning directly after the payment is due. You'll receive a notification (either text or app alert) to say you are in a Grace Period.
You can then Login to your Paypa Plane account to update or change your payment method (credit card is usually required for the funds to clear within the 24 hour period), or just move the money to the account the debit is due to come out of.

Grace Periods are a unique offering to Paypa Plane and we do attach a small fee but it's a lot less than our late fee (which is less than most other industry late fees) which is applied after any Grace Periods have lapsed.

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