Unlock your payments’ potential

Paypa Plane uplifts your existing payment capabilities to sit seamlessly alongside new, real-time and emerging payments.

We underpin commercial, operational and competitive payment strategies for
banks and enterprises.

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Smart Payment Agreements

Smart Payment Agreements™ are proprietary tools that manage consent-to-pay and payment initiation. Orchestrating ongoing or one-off payments across multiple payment methods, currencies, and payment gateways, a Smart Payment Agreement™ manages not just transactions but also automates payment-based customer care – meaning more successful transactions. Very Smart.

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Built for Banks, designed for humans



Sitting on top of existing transactional capability and payment channels, Paypa Plane uplifts your business banking suite with minimal legacy-system investment required. Acting as an overlay and bringing in real-time capabilities, we allow banks and enterprises to compete with a future focused payment product suite.

APIs or Rich UI

Consume and access our Smart Payment Agreements and orchestration tools as it suits you.Offer your clients a complete and on-brand platform or connect them with APIs



Paypa Plane is built to operate within regulated industries and for clients with the highest security and compliance requirements. We actively invest in our security and risk management and are ISO27001 and SOC 2 compliant.

Offer your business clients competitive payment products.
Reimagine your payments strategy.
Unlock the potential of legacy systems.
With Smart Payment Agreements.
Here's how it works...
How a payment works

API Integrations

We work with CRMs, accounting systems and, of course, great payment processors. We are adding to our integration suite all the time (usually based on requests).

Businesses can also use our API documentation to create their own integrations with their existing systems.

If you have any specific integration requests about our API documentation, get in touch.

Developer API Documentation

It's time to elevate

The payment landscape is shifting right now, yet, most payment systems are not. Rigid operations, one-dimensional data and single service points mean that banks, payment service providers and businesses need to evolve.

Paypa Plane is designed to work with existing systems (from core banking payment structures through to enterprise and SME systems), solve the problems of now and prepare these existing core systems for the next stage of ‘payments’.

It’s the software equivalent of having your layer cake and eating it too.

Layer cake

Considered system design

Our entire suite of services has been designed to be white-labelled for a bank, payment service provider or business. With multiple choices of integration style (ready to embed into and over existing systems), layered user functionality and rich APIs, the right strategy can be designed for every circumstance.

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Paypa Plane is Recurring Payments

We are for lifting your payments experience and admin efficiency beyond the ordinary so that you can take your business to the next level.

We are for stronger customer relationships, improved cash-flow and reduced fees. We are for transparency, compliance, security and trust.  

Paypa Plane provides the payment experience that you and your customers deserve.

Payment Flexibility means success

Together we create the ability for your customers to self-manage their payments around the limits you set. With flexibility aimed at generating more successful payments for you, your customers can;

  • change payment methods (credit card to bank account)
  • move a payment by the amount you allow
  • swap their ongoing days to match their pay cycle
  • they can even 'pay now' in advance!

These functions are important, impactful (to your cash-flow and customer service) and unique to Paypa Plane.

We've got you

We have so many ways to make sure you don’t have to worry about payment compliance or chasing cash-flow... and your customers don’t have to worry about stacking on late fees - keeping everyone happy.

From our Grace PeriodTM (24hrs for your customer to make-up a failed payment and save on fees), our cash-flow dashboard and predictor - even our in-built Recovery functions (there to help you collect overdues without pain or upset) are all built to solve your specific problems and take care of customers at the same time (we love a win-win!)

Setting up with Paypa Plane

Numbers worth seeing
80% automated success
99% success rate